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Marshall V-R241-DLW

LCD Monitor

[Image: Marshall V-R241-DLW]


24" Full Resolution Desktop andRack Mount Dual Link / Waveform Monitor with IMD (In-Monitor Display)

The 24" V-R241-DLW monitor includesDual Link with Waveform & Vectorscope, along with IMD (In-MonitorDisplay). The V-R241-DLW incorporate a 10-bit "no compromise" videopath along with one of the industry's first monitors equipped with 3Gcapability. In Quad-View mode, the monitors break the screen into fourquadrants and display Audio Bars, a Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope, andlive video simultaneously. All models have two inputs supporting 3G /HD / SDI and Dual Link. A DVI input supports all HDMI modes and DVI to170MHz.

Additional features include IMD protocol support forTSL, NVISION, Image Video, and MEI (Marshall Electronics) tally controlsystems, remote firmware update via RS-485, tri-color hard and softtally, and Safety Marker configurations. Other display features includefull CEA-608-B and CEA-708-B Closed Captioning.

  • 1920 x 1200 Full Resolution 24" Panel
  • The V-R241-DLW features an all-digital full resolution1920x1200 display.
    The LCD panel features a brightness of 400 cd/m2 and a 1000:1 contrastratio making it ideal in a variety of environments and lightingconditions.

  • Multi mode, Vectorscope and WaveformMonitor mode
  • The DLW monitor series includes a real-time Waveformmonitor and Vectorscope along with support for SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI andDual Link SDI. With the monitor in Multi mode, the monitor will breakinto four quadrants and display Signal Input information (Link Status),Embedded Audio levels, a Waveform monitor, a Vectorscope and live videosimultaneously. Additional layouts provide the ability to view theWaveform monitor, Vectorscope, SDI Link status and Video individually.

  • Closed Captioning Decoding
  • The DLW monitor allows for decoding of Closed Captioningin the EIA-608 or EIA-708.

  • In-Monitor Display
  • In-Monitor Display allows on-screen text and tallyindication, controlled locally or remotely via a variety of industrystandard protocols.

  • OSD Features (On Screen Display)
  • Embedded time code and an embedded audio presenceindicator can be displayed on the screen in a variety ofconfigurations. Closed Caption presence indication is also provided for608/708 captions.

  • Advanced Features
  • Color temperature adjustment, aspect ratio settings,blue-only mode, and monochrome mode are a few of the advanced featuresallowing the V-R241-DLW to be at home in any broadcast environment.Pixel-to-Pixel mode also allows native display of any incoming imageformat.

  • Four User-Definable Function Buttons
  • Four user-definable function buttons allow quick accessto numerous settings and features including aspect ratio, monochromemode, color temperature, and more.

    The built-in waveform monitor can be displayed in various aspectratios, positions, and transparency options. The waveform monitordisplays YUV/RGB in both Overlay and Parade modes.

    Display (Viewing Area)
    24.1" Diagonal (518.4mm x 324.0mm)
    Resolution (Pixels)
    1920 x 1200
    Viewing Angle
    L/R: 178° U/D:178°
    Dot Pitch
    0.270 (H) x 0.270 (V)
    Brightness (in cd/m²)
    Contrast Ratio
    NTSC/PAL autorecognition
    3G-SDI x 2 / DVI-I x 1
    Loop-through outputs
    3G-SDI x 2
    21.9" W x 15.5" H x2.15" D
    Approx. Weight
    15 lbs.
    Power Consumption
    24 VDC, 132W Max

    The built-in Vectorscope allows users to monitor color gamut range inreal time. It displays in various sizes, positions, and transparencyoptions.
    De-embeds and displays up to 16 channels of audio using sixteen40-segment tri-color Audio Meters with user-adjustable referencelevels.

    Marshall V-R241-DLW
    LCD Monitor




    24" Full Resolution Desktop and Rack Mount Dual Link / Waveform Monitor with IMD (In-Monitor Display)

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