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Sony IXS6700

Routing System

[Image: Sony IXS6700]

The IXS Integrated RoutingSystem Can handle HD-SDI and SD-SDI, AES/EBU, and RS-422A/RS-485 withina single chassis. Powerful operational features such as Tie-line,Virtual matrix, Input/output system protection, and Phantoms. Inputsand outputs can be freely assigned on up to 16 levels. Both S-BUSsystem and Ethernet control systems are available.

  • Integrated Routing System 4RU Chassis
  • High Reliability
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Flexible Control System

IKSA601132 D-sub AES/EBU Input Board
IKSV6010SD16 SD Digital Video Input Board
IKSA606217 BNC AES/EBU Output Board
IKS6030MUniversal Matrix Board
IKSV6010M16 HD/SD Digital Video Input Board
IKSV6060SD17 SD Digital Video Output Board
IKSV6060M17 HD/SD Digital Video Output Board
IKSA601532 Sampling Rate Converter Board
IKSA601216 BNC AES/EBU Input Board
IKSV6050MHD/SD Video Router Processor Board
IKSA606134 D-sub AES/EBU Output Board
IKSRS60107 RS-422 Input Board
IKSA6050Audio/Data Router Processor Board
IKSRS60607 RS-422 Output Board
IKSV6050SDSD Video Router Processor Board

Sony IXS6700
Routing System




Integrated Routing System 8RU Chassis

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