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Sony MVS8000G

Multi-Format Production Switcher

[Image: Sony MVS8000G]

TheSony MVS-8000G is the switcher processor frame of the MVS8000Gproduction switcher system. The MVS8000G comes standard as SD only, andthe addition of the BZS8500M "Multi-Format Upgrade Software forMVS-8000G Frame" is required to add Multi-Format (HD/SD) capability.MVS-8000G features "Resizers", "Internal Format Converters" (option),and 1080p/59.94 by using the Dual-Link input/output (option). Multipleprocessors and panels may be connected on the same network, allowingthe ultimate in resource sharing and mission-critical redundancy. EachM/E bank is full-featured and comes standard with 4 FineKey(tm) keyerswith edge generators, 4 Chroma keyers and 14 dedicated wipe generatorsincluding 5 transition generators, 1 common and 4 local. Keyer featuresinclude Luminance, Linear, Chroma, Color Vector and Pattern Keys. Eachkeyer also has two independent mask generators. The MVS system cancontrol up to 30 external devices, such as DDR, VTR or ESAM-II Audioconsoles. The MVS system can also use up to 4 channels of internal 3DDME. Each DME channel includes video and key channels and can beequipped with option non-linear capability. The MVS system uses two 100Megabit Ethernet connections on all key MVS components and Sonyperipherals. These Ethernet connections are used for real-time controland data transfer. An optional network manager PC can be added to thedata Ethernet for access to available LAN/WAN systems facilitating thetransfer of files for remote administrative tasks including statusmonitoring, software upgrades and configuration, as well as maintenanceand facility management tasks. Image file transfers are also availablefor sharing graphics and titling resources. The optional frame memorywill store up to 444 still frame images. Please ask your Sony salesrepresentative for system configuration and pricing.

  • 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 Mix/Effects configurations
  • Layout free control panel
  • "Resizer" for each keyer as standard
  • Internal Format Converter (Option): Up to 16 channels forinput side and up to 4 channels for output side
  • SD Only Version Available
  • Creative M/E functionality -- Four full function keyers perM/E, -- Multiple M/E Program out configurations, -- 14 individual wipepattern generators per M/E
  • Independent M/E functionality -- 4:3 / 16:9, CrosspointAssignments and Bus Toggle on/off, -- Snapshots, Keyframe and varioussetups
  • Up to 80 inputs and 56 outputs (including 8 monitoroutputs)
  • Ready for 1080p/59.94 and 1080p/50 (Option): The1080i/59.94 and 1080i/50 MVS-8000G can be upgraded to 1080p/59.94 and1080p/50 system by installing the software option.
BZRIF820Sbus To Ethernet Converter Software
MKS8015A16 Aux Bus Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000 ControlPanel
MKS8034ADKDsk/Fade To Black Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000Control Panel
MKS8420MMulti Format Color Corrector for MVS8000
MKS8076Memory Card/Usb Adaptor MVS8000 & DVS9000 ControlPanel
MKS8700Device Control Unit Processor for MVS-8000 (inclduesbackup power supply)
BZELMVS51Camera Robotics I/F Software
MKS8110G17-Input Board for MVS Family Production Switcher
MKE8020AMVS Interface Board For MVE8000A
BZS9471Texture Lighting Software for DVS9000 internal DME
BZRIF8304093 X 4093 Control Software
MKS8082Aux Bus Remote Panel for MVS/DVS Production Switchers
MKS8021ASimple Transition R Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000Control Panel
MKS8111MMulti-Format 12 input board option for MVS8000 to bringinput to 80.
MKS87026-Port Device Control Board for MKS-8700
MKS8161M8-Output Monitor board for Multi-Format MVS FamilyProduction Switchers
BZS9420Software based Color Corrector for DVS9000 Switchers
MKS8025MSMemory Stick and USB Module
MKS8030AKey Frame Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000 Control Panel
MKS8440AMulti-Format Frame Memory Board Set for MVS-8000A
MKS8026A10 Key Pad Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000 ControlPanel
MKS8160M8-Output board for Multi-Format MVS-8000
MKS8830MNon-Linear Effects Add-on Board for MKS-8810M inMVS8000 DME
BZDM9050Texture Lighting Software for MVE9000
MKS8040Blank Panel (1/3 Size) for MVS8000 & DVS9000Control Panel
BKDS9470Digital Effects Processor for DVS9000 Switcher
MKS8036ADevice Control Module..
BZPS8000System Management Software for MVS/DVS Switcher family
MKS8017A32 Xpt Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000 Control Panel
BZS8510MMulti-Format Upgrade Software for MVS-8000GSF Frame(1st M/E)
MKS8210MMulti-Format Mix Effects Board Set for MVS-8000
MVSARMMVS/DVS Touch Screen GUI Support Arm
BZS9250DVS9000 Switcher 1/2 M/E Software Option
BZS8500MUpgrade Software For MVS8000G
MKS8032ADSK Fader Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000 Control Panel
HKPSU03Backup Power Supply Unit for PFV-SP3300, MKS-8700, CCPseries
MKS8019A16 Button Crosspoint Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000Control Panel
MKS8028ACompact Transition Left Module for MVS8000 &DVS9000 Control Panel
MKS8027ACompact Transition Right Module for MVS8000 &DVS9000 Control Panel
MKS8041Blank Panel (1/2 size) for MVS8000 & DVS9000Control Panel
BKDS916024 Output Board Set for DVS9000 Production Switcher
MKS80421/6 Blank Panel
MKS8031AJSJoy Stick Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000 Control Panel
MKS8035AKey Control Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000 ControlPanel
HKPSU11Redundant Power Supply for MFS2000 Panels
MKE8040A2 Channel Effects Board For MVE8000A
BZS8530MMulti-Format Upgrade Software for MVS8000G Frame (2ndAdditional M/E)
SWC5010Sony Panel Cable (50pin/10m) for MVS8000 & DVS9000Switchers
MKE8021ASDI Interface Board For MVE8000A
BZPS8002Signal Processing Control Software For PC
MKS8020AStandard Transition Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000Control Panel
RMM10Rack Mount Kit for PFV-L10 frame.
MKS8442GMulti-Format Frame Memory Board Set for MVS FamilyProduction Switchers
MKS8011AMenu Panel for MVS/DVS Switcher Family Control Panel
MKS8050QWERTY Style Editing Keyboard
BZS8200Multi Program 2 Software
MKS8013A32 Cross point Aux Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000Control Panel
MKS8033AShotbox/Utility module for MVS8000 & DVS9000Control Panel
MKS80801 Ru Aux Bus Remote Panel for MVS/DVS ProductionSwitchers
MKS8014A24 Aux Bus Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000 ControlPanel
MKS8075AExtension Adapter for MVS8000 & DVS9000 ControlPanel
BZELMVS11Redundant Control Software
MKS8023APGM/PST Compact Transition Module for MVS8000 &DVS9000 Control Panel
MKS8170MBuilt-In DME Interface Board for Multi-Format MVS-8000
MKS8701Tally/GPI I/O Board for MKS-8700
MKS8440MMulti-Format Frame Memory Board Set for MVS-8000
BZELMVS41Audio Mixer I/F Software
HKPSU02Redundant Power Supply Unit for MKS8010A
MKS8031ATBTrack Ball Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000 ControlPanel
BKDS916212 Output Board (DVS900SF Only)
BZS8520MMulti-Format Upgrade Software for MVS-8000G Frame (1stAdditional M/E)
UNIVPOWERCORDUniversal 3 Foot Power Cord T9
MKS8210GM/E Board for MVS8000G/GSF
SWC5002Panel Cable (50pin/2m) for MVS8000 & DVS9000Switchers
MKS8034AFBFTB Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000 Control Panel
MKS8024AFlexipad Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000 Control Panel
BZELMVS21NRCS Plug-in Software
MKS8820MMVS Interface Board for MKS-8800
MKS8018A24 Button XPT Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000 ControlPanel
BKDS9210Mix Effects Board for DVS-9000 Switcher
MKS8810MBasic Effects Channel Board for MKS-8800
MKS8160G24 Output Board Set for MVS8000G Production Switcher
MKS8022ASimple Transition L Module for MVS8000 & DVS9000Control Panel
MKS8170GBuilt-In DME Interface Board for MVS8000G
BZS8420Color Corrector Software for MVS8000G/GSF
MKS8111G12 input board option for MVS8000G/GSF to bring inputto 80.
MKS8110M17-Input Board for Multi-Format MVS-8000
SWC5005Panel Cable (50pin/5m) for MVS8000 & DVS9000Switchers
BKDS91618 Monitor Output Board for DVS9000 & DVS9000SFswitcher
MKS8450GFormat Converter Board
HKPSU01Redundant Power Supply Unit for PFVSP3100
HKPSU04Redundant Power Supply for MVS-8000 Chassis

Sony MVS8000G
Multi-Format Production Switcher




Multi-Format Production Switcher

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