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For-A FA-115

Digital Frame Synchronizers

[Image: For-A FA-115]


FA-115 is a low cost Time Base Corrector / Frame Synchronizer with Noise Reducer and cable compensator, which is specifically designed for CATV, ITV and CCTV applications.

  • Analog composite video input / output standard.
  • Full frame memory to prevent picture field inversion during processing.
  • Low cost and compact TBC/Synchronizer with noise reducer and cable compensator.
  • Composite Input / Output for easy integration into current available system.
  • Digital recursive motion adaptive noise reducer for improving the picture quality.
  • Internal 4:2:2 Component processing and Digital Encoder/Decoder ensure high quality and stable signal output.


    For-A FA-115
    Digital Frame Synchronizers





    For-A FA-115

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