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Marshall Electronics V-RD171P-HDA

LCD Rack Mounts

[Image: Marshall Electronics V-RD171P-HDA]

Save rack space with our monitor in a drawer model V-RD171P-HDA with a 17", 5:4 aspect ratio active matrix LCD/TFT module. The display will produce a high-resolution 1280H 1024W SXGA image from a computer or display scaled video images. High Definition Component and DVI-D video, Composite video or Y/C (S-video) images are displayed via a scaling chip. The unit fits into an EIA standard 19" rack and occupies only 1RU of space. For ease of operation the V-RD171P-HDA includes front mounted selector buttons for menu operations with On Screen Menu Display (OSD).

  • Durable, Single RU metal enclosure with Pull Out drawer for the screen
  • Drawer includes lock and key for secure transport
  • SXGA Native Resolution 1280 1024 pixels, 3.9 million total RGB pixels produce 16.7 million colors
  • Bright 300 candle luminance
  • 500:1 ratio of contrast between black and white luminance values with response rates less than 13 ms results in excellent qualiyu for moving images displayed at any frame rate
  • Automatic Gamma Correction
  • Display Analog or DVI-Digital High Definition
  • 4:3 and 16:9 screen aspect ratios for DTV applications in HD and SD formats NTSC/PAL operation
  • Picture In Picture (PIP)
  • CRT style viewing radius - 170 in all directions provides superior visibility when the viewer is not directly in front of the screen
  • Includes universal voltage Class-2 power supply
  • Standard inputs: - Composite Video PAL/NTSC - S-Video - Component Video - YPrPb 480P, 720P, 1080-60i - YCrCb 480i - SXGA Computer - DVI-D (Digital)


    Marshall Electronics V-RD171P-HDA
    LCD Rack Mounts





    Marshall Electronics V-RD171P-HDA 17" Monitor in a Drawer with HD Display Ability

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