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Fostex D2424LV


[Image: Fostex D2424LV]

Since Fostex launched the first stand alone digital multitrack recorder D-80 in 1996, the market has greatly changed - Fostex D-Series recorders were originally targeted to the project and home studio market, however software based recorders have become more popular for this application. Throughout this period of change D-Series recorders have been used more and more for multi-channel live recording/reproduction due to their stable performance and better portability.The new D2424LV is designed for the live recording/reproduction market offering a full set of 24 TRS balanced analog inputs and outputs as standard. Inherited from the current D2424, the D2424LV maintains the stable performance as well as the twin-drive configuration allowing back-up of data on DVD-RAM or another hard drive. The exceptional low price makes the D2424LV the most affordable 24-track hard disk recorder ever in the market.With future optional TC/Sync and Ether cards in addition to the standard RS422, the D2424LV may also be used in studio and installation applications.

24 analog inputs and outputs 24 channels of ADAT Optional 8346 Timecode/Sync card Backup to optional DVD-RAM or 2nd HD


Fostex D2424LV





Fostex D2424LV

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