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For-A FA-128

Digital Frame Synchronizers

[Image: For-A FA-128]

  • World's first 14-bit internal processing framesynchronizer.
  • Superior correction range and image quality.
  • Analog composite 1 input and 4 outputs.
  • NTSC/PAL automatic detection.
  • 4:2:2 component internal signal processing.
  • Digital 3-line adaptive comb filter processing.
  • Full frame memory to prevent picture field inversion duringprocessing.
  • Wide range genlock capability, almost any VHS signal can begenlocked.
  • Process control functions. (video level, chroma level,setuplevel and chroma phase)
StandardNTSC or PAL(Autodetect)
SignalProcessing 4:2:2 component
Correction Range2 field (field inversionprevented)
SamplingFrequency Y: 27MHz, C: 13.5MHz
Quantization 14-bit
Video InputAnalog composite: 1.0Vp-p,75?,1ea., BNC
Genlock InputBB: 0.429Vp-p (NTSC) /0.45Vp-p(PAL), 75? or loopthrough (internal switch), 1ea., BNC
Video OutputAnalog composite: 1.0Vp-p,75?,4ea., BNC
FrequencyResponse100kHz - 4.2MHz: -0.5dB -+0.5dB,4.2MHz - 5.0MHz: -1.B - +1.B, roll off above 5.0MHz (NTSC)
100kHz - 5.0MHz: -0.5dB -+0.5dB,5.0MHz - 5.5MHz: -1.B - +1.B, roll off above 5.5MHz (PAL)

S/N Ratio


DG / DP1% / 1º (APL: 50%)
K-Factor Less than 1%
H / V Tilt Less than 1%
ProcessControlVideo Level: -3dB - +3dB /ChromaLevel: -3dB - +3dB
Setup Level: -15IRE - +15IRE/Chroma Phase: -30º- +30º
Genlock PhaseControlH Phase: -2ms - +2ms / SCPhase:-180º - +180º / Video Phase: -2ms - +2ms
Temperature /Humidity10ºC - 40ºC / 30% -90%(no condensation)
Power / Consumption 100VAC - 240VAC±10%,50/60Hz/ Approx. 22VA (13W) at 100VAC, Approx. 28VA (14W) at 220VAC
Dimensions / Weight 212 (W) x 44 (H) x 350 (D) mm/Approx. 2.5kg
AccessoriesOperation manual / AC cord
Option Single mount or dual mountrackbrackets


For-A FA-128
Digital Frame Synchronizers





For-A FA-128

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