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For-A UFM-125TBC/P

Universal Frames

[Image: For-A UFM-125TBC/P]

The UFM-125TBC is a module-type FS/TBC. It corrects time axis distortion and synchronization phases through 10-bit processing.

  • Analog composite video input/output compatible. (Y/C is also supported.)
  • Full frame memory to prevent picture field inversion during processing.
  • 10-bit digital decode / encode to ensure stable signals without bit dropout.
  • 4:2:2 component internal signal processing.
  • Unit-type FA-125 lineup. Compatible with a wide variety of system environments.
  • Hot-swap function allows boards to be removed and inserted even when the power is on.
  • Can be mounted on two different frames (casings) --UF-106A, UF-112--according to the system size.


    For-A UFM-125TBC/P
    Universal Frames





    For-A UFM-125TBC/P

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